About OG
Since our establishment in 1973, initially as a partnership named Oriental Grand, we have been dedicated to the tailoring business. As a result of numerous corporate clients and satisfied customers commonly using the acronym 'OG' to refer to our company, OG Fashion was established in 1990. At that time, we relocated to our first building in Chai Leng Park, Perai, Penang. Subsequently, OG Uniform Trading Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1991, followed by OG Trend Sdn. Bhd. in 1997.

As of 2023, our factory is located in Penang Science Park North, Simpang Ampat, covering an area of approximately 58,000 square feet, complete with independent office spaces and production workshops.

OG Uniform Trading Sdn. Bhd. boasts over 35 years of experience in wholesale, retail, corporate, and product supplies. We possess extensive knowledge in production processes, creative designing, innovations, and production management. We guarantee efficient production and timely delivery.

We focus on the entire production process of uniforms, from Purchasing fabrics, Designing, Pattern Making, Cutting, Printing, Embroidery, Sewing, Packaging to Shipping. Every step is meticulously carried out by us. This end-to-end control ensures that we can deliver the highest quality uniform products and enables us to meet our customers' needs swiftly and flexibly.

Moreover, we have a highly experienced and professional team proficient in every aspect of uniform production, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards. We understand that first-rate uniforms require not only high-quality materials but also exquisite craftsmanship and rigorous quality control.

We take pride in being a leader in the uniform industry and will continue to strive to provide customers with higher quality and more diverse products and services.

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